Yoga Principle – 4

Today we will see the next (fourth) principle of Yoga.


Our body and mind gets affected with stress and strain due to various reasons. This causes many problems to the body and mind. Everyone is longing to have a… Readmore

Yoga Principle – 3

 Today we will see the next (third) principle of Yoga.


Our body needs nutrients such as fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins or proteins. Any substance which provides nutrition to the body is food. Usually we consume rice, wheat and… Readmore

Yoga Principle – 2

Today we will see the next (second) principle of Yoga.


 Sleep means absent or reduced consciousness. Sleeping hours differs from person to person. Children need more sleeping hour’s. Usually they sleep for 14 to 15 hours in… Readmore

Yoga Principle – 1

Practicing Yoga makes your mind and body fit and proper. There are ten principles of Yoga which makes you to achieve your goal. The first principle of Yoga is


         … Readmore

Pose, Steps, Video and Benefits of Bidalasana

Benefits of Bidalasana

This asana coordinates the breath and your movement. It is an important theme in the practice of asanas.  Your hip position plays a vital part in each pose. Doing this asana looses your spine and back.… Readmore

Yoga exercise for shoulder

Maintaining health is a big concern for us.  In order to maintain your health you have to do exercise regularly.  You can maintain your shoulder by doing the exercise as stated below:

1.  Do this exercise slowly… Readmore

Yoga exercise for neck

Many people are sitting hours before computer.  Hence they get affected with stress and strain in their shoulders and neck.  You can do neck exercise and get relieved. The five yoga neck exercise increases flexibility, eases tension and… Readmore

Yoga exercise for eyes

You are seeing this beautiful world through eyes. To preserves a healthy eye sight you have to do exercise for eye so that the muscles of eye gets strengthen and healthy.  Without moving your head you have to do… Readmore

Why do we practice yoga?

In a modern world we get lot of stress and strain, pollution and fatigue. This affects the people mental and health system. People are earning a lot but longing for peacefulness. Yoga gives a simple solution for your day to… Readmore

About Yoga

Many believed that Yoga has been practiced around 3000 B.C.  Yoga originated in India. Yoga practitioners are known as Yogis.  Today many researches are going on.  Now the importance of Yoga is known to developed countries. In… Readmore