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Yoga Principle – 4

Today we will see the next (fourth) principle of Yoga.


Our body and mind gets affected with stress and strain due to various reasons. This causes many problems to the body and mind. Everyone is longing to have a… Readmore

Yoga Principle – 3

 Today we will see the next (third) principle of Yoga.


Our body needs nutrients such as fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins or proteins. Any substance which provides nutrition to the body is food. Usually we consume rice, wheat and… Readmore

Yoga Principle – 2

Today we will see the next (second) principle of Yoga.


 Sleep means absent or reduced consciousness. Sleeping hours differs from person to person. Children need more sleeping hour’s. Usually they sleep for 14 to 15 hours in… Readmore

Yoga Principle – 1

Practicing Yoga makes your mind and body fit and proper. There are ten principles of Yoga which makes you to achieve your goal. The first principle of Yoga is


         … Readmore

Yoga exercise for shoulder

Maintaining health is a big concern for us.  In order to maintain your health you have to do exercise regularly.  You can maintain your shoulder by doing the exercise as stated below:

1.  Do this exercise slowly… Readmore

Yoga exercise for eyes

You are seeing this beautiful world through eyes. To preserves a healthy eye sight you have to do exercise for eye so that the muscles of eye gets strengthen and healthy.  Without moving your head you have to do… Readmore


There is no cure for HIV. People affected with this HIV get depression, anxiety, loneliness, fear and hopelessness. Yoga can reduce the stress, anxiety and fear. Further they get inner strength.   Meditation, exercise and breathing are the three… Readmore

Yoga for eyes

  • First five seconds close your eyes and after open and close it again. Six times do this exercise.
  • You are working with computer screen that time you will get up from every half an hour and move a bit around.… Readmore

Yoga during Pregnancy

It is extremely dangerous to do inverted poses during pregnancy.  If you have done the inverted poses then there is a possibility of causing air embolism.  But pregnant women can learn and practice simple breathing and meditation techniques… Readmore

Simple way to correct shoulder alignment?

Are you suffering from shoulder alignment problem? Body balance is important to maintain health. Trikonasana helps you to maintain your shoulder alignment. It improves spine flexibility and relieves your backache, gastric, flatulence, indigestion and acidity. Do this yoga and get relief.