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Yoga and Recovery from Substance Abuse

If you want to be healthy you have to be free from addiction like caffeine, Nicotine, Sleeping Aids, Sugar, etc.  If you get addicted then you will forget your strength which causes damages to you.  Doing Yoga practice… Readmore

Yoga and children

The glandular and nervous systems are growing for the children under 16 and Yoga exercises on these systems may hinder their natural growth.  Safe practice of children is to practice simple breathing and meditation exercises as long as the… Readmore

Easy way to stimulate abdominal organs!

In order to maintain your health your abdominal organs have to be healthy.  If it gets affected then it causes indigestion and it gives you lot of trouble.  Marichyasana C helps you to maintain your abdominal organs. This… Readmore

Pose, steps and Benefits of Wall Plank

Benefits of Wall Plank

  • Strengthen legs, neck, shoulders and arms.
  • Strengthen back bones.
  • Reduce back pain.
  • Improve blood circulation.

Wall Plank Pose


  1. First start with Tadasana after stand facing wall that time the distance between you and the wall… Readmore

How to reduce weight?

Reducing weight is a big concern for people today.  In earlier days there are no machines and vehicles such as Mixie, grinder, washing machine, bike, car, etc. Hence everyone in the family works hard and they walk well. They… Readmore

Which simple yoga helps to increase stamina?

Yoga makes you mentally and physically fit. Hence everyone in the world gets attracted to it. People come to know that health is wealth. They are keen to learn asanas. Now we will see an asana by name Utkatasana.… Readmore

Easy way to reduce weight!

Today everyone takes care of their health. Doctor’s might advice you to reduce your weight. You feel hard to reduce weight. You need not worry about it. Here is an asana helps you to reduce your weight. The name of… Readmore

Simple way to build mental focus!

Today people are hardly working for their livelihood. Time factor is more important today. Everyone’s job needs more focus and tries to build it.

For example, a software engineer needs to focus on his/her job for many hours. If he… Readmore

Pose, Steps and Benefits of Marichyasana C

Benefits of Marichyasana

• Stimulates abdominal organs • Stretches spine, hamstrings and shoulders • Reduce weight. • Improves Digestion.

Pose of Marichyasana Steps

1. Sit the floor straight your both legs in front. 2. Bend the right leg. 3. Rotate… Readmore

Pose, Steps and Benefits of Utkatasana

Benefits of Utkatasana

  • Strengthens the torso and lower body. Stretch shoulders.
  • Improve balance.
  • Increases stamina.
  • Reduce weight.

 Chair Pose


  1. First done mountain pose asana.
  2. Inhale and palms facing each other, raise the hands above the head, shoulder width… Readmore