Pose, Steps and Benefits of Hanumanasana

Benefits of Hanumanasana

  • Increasing flexibility, alignment and balance.
  • Reducing injuries in legs, we while do other actions like sprinting, jogging, climbing, and cycling.
  • Improves digestion, blood circulation and releases the entire toxins.
  • Quire insomnia.
  • Relieves stress.
  • Improving peaceful sleep.

Monkey pose (hanumanasana)

       Monkey pose (hanumanasana)


  1. Straighten the right leg and bend your fingers you on the carpet.
  2. Very gently and slowly forward to push to the right until you feel resistance.
  3. When you run a piece of hamstring feel that you need to get your fingers on the floor or otherwise prevented.
  4. We use our hands to support the pressure weight and weight of our paralyze the screen, so it is never too much.
  5. Want a strong stretch, but no pain. You should be able to get deep and comfortable in and out of your nose all the time, and your quads will protect your hamstrings.

Hanumanasana Video (Monkey Pose)


Before doing any asana you must know your health. When you feels pain while doing any asanas then you have to stop it immediately. A trained instructor can guide you in a better way.