Yoga and children

yoga and childrenThe glandular and nervous systems are growing for the children under 16 and Yoga exercises on these systems may hinder their natural growth.  Safe practice of children is to practice simple breathing and meditation exercises as long as the breath is never held.  This helps children to concentrate, relax, cope with stressful events and emotional upsets. When the children are trained under Yoga techniques are better capable of managing the emotional upsets. The asanas and breathing techniques provide strong compression and deep massage of the parts of the body. Glandular system largely controls the growth. Yoga asanas powerful mental and physical effects may hamper with the natural growth.

Which yoga helps to stimulate manipurachakra and nervous system?

Which yoga helps to stimulate manipurachakra and nervous systemDue to various reasons your nervous system and manipura chakra gets affected and it might cause several problems within you. Maintaining a good health is important. Because Health is Wealth. Paschimothanasana helps you to get relieved from these problems. It stimulates the nervous system and manipura chakra.  Further it calms your mind, the digestive organs get massaged, reduces weight and the concentration gets developed. Do this Yoga regularly and maintain your health.


About Yoga

about yogaYoga is a Sanskrit term which is a universally known generic term for the mental, physical and spiritual practice.  It originates in ancient India. In Hindu philosophy there are six astika and it is the one. In other context and tradition is has been defined as “union with the divine”. In the 19th century Yoga has been brought to West by Hindu monks. Across the Western world it became popular in 1980s as a system of physical exercise. Effectiveness of Yoga has been studied by many. In the United States long term Yoga practitioners reported it as a mental health and musculo-skeletal improvements.

Types and Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Types and Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Shrishti Krama Hatha Yoga

Benefits – improve concentration, flexibility and energy

Rakshana Krama Hatha Yoga

Benefit – Body and mind relaxation.

Adhyatamika Krama Hatha Yoga

Benefit – To strengthen their bond with the inside.

Siksana Krama Hatha Yoga

BenefitAims at perfection in all asanas and the further development from pranayama exercises develops major instruments of yoga.

Chikitsa Krama Hatha Yoga

Benefit – Removing the dysfunctions from the body.

Shakti Krama Hatha Yoga

Benefit – developing power within the saints and yoga practitioners.


Meaning of Hatha yoga

Meaning of hatha yoga asanaHa meaning “sun” and tha meaning “moon,” Hatha yoga is generally translated as yoga, to unity “pairs of opposites.” Sometimes Hatha Yoga is also called as “full power yoga” because it requires a lot of physical effort. Hatha yoga is certainly yoga, this is the best of the West, which is one reason why there are so many definitions of Hatha Yoga is known.
In the Indian tradition, hatha yoga is one of the four great traditions of tantric yoga. Hatha yoga focuses primarily on practical tasks, (asanas) and breath control (pranayama), the subtle channels (Nadi) energy. So you could say, Hatha yoga focuses on the third and fourth stage of the Eightfold Path of Yoga Hatha Yoga Astanga.Tavoitteena is, of course, attached to it. Barriers to pratyahara steps (sense withdrawal), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (Libra), and many schools of yoga Hatha see these additional under Hatha Yoga measures.

Hatha Yoga comes in many traditions and varieties, such as Kashmir Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, etc.


Easy way to stimulate abdominal organs!

Easy way to stimulate abdominal organs

In order to maintain your health your abdominal organs have to be healthy.  If it gets affected then it causes indigestion and it gives you lot of trouble.  Marichyasana C helps you to maintain your abdominal organs. This asana stimulates your abdominal organs. It helps you to reduce your weight, improves digestion and stretches your hamstrings, spine and shoulders. Do this asana regularly and enjoy the life.

Whether yoga helps to improve toe to head flexibility


If yoga asana helps to improve toe to head flexibilityEveryone wants to keep the body fit.  Doing asana in a proper way you can maintain your health.  Further it improves your body flexible. Padangusthasana makes your body more flexible from toe to head. It strengthens your spine, bones and legs. All your muscles get stretched. It relieves your high blood pressure and effectively checks your diabetes. Do this asana regularly and keep your mind and body in a healthy way.

Simple yoga helps to reduce weight

Simple yoga helps to reduce weight

Today people used to have junk foods often.  Doctors are cautioning about the junk foods. Without caring we used to take it.  Hence our body gets affected and the weight of our body increases.  It might cause several problems in our health. When we moved to the doctor for any problem then he advises to reduce weight.

You have to burn more calories from your body. You can reduce your weight from your house itself. Paschimothanasana helps you to reduce the weight. Doing it regularly you feel better.  Further it makes your mind feel free and improves your concentration skill. Why are you waiting? do this asana regularly and reduce your weight.

Which yoga helps to improve spine flexibility?

Which yoga helps to improve spine flexibility


In our body spine is an important one. If the spine gets affected then you will get lot of trouble. By doing exercise you can keep it fine.  An asana makes your spine fit and it is Trikonasana. It improves your spine flexibility. Further it reduce the stiffness of your knees, shoulder and neck. If you got lower back pain then do this asana. It relieves the pain. Do this asana and get relieved.