About Yoga

about yogaMany believed that Yoga has been practiced around 3000 B.C.  Yoga originated in India. Yoga practitioners are known as Yogis.  Today many researches are going on.  Now the importance of Yoga is known to developed countries. In US millions are benefiting by doing Yoga regularly. You have to learn Yoga through properly trained teachers. Yoga gives you strength, flexibility and balance.  Don’t think it is an alternative for medical care. While doing Yoga you have to pay attention what your body says.

Yoga poses are known as asanas. Doing asanas stretches your muscles. Hence lactic acid might get released which builds your muscle. Further it causes tension, pain, fatigue and pain. Yoga develops the motion in joints. The tissues gets soften.  Yoga accentuates lengthening and deepening your breath. It improves the lung capacity. The ability of mental focus and concentration gets developed which benefits students. This is caused because Yoga improves the oxygen level to the brain. Many researches gives positive results that the memory level increases, improves energy level and improves person’s sense of self acceptance.  Yoga is also used as adjunct treatment for some diseases. It is known as IYT or Integrative Yoga Therapy.