Yoga Principle – 4

Yoga PRinciple - 4Today we will see the next (fourth) principle of Yoga.


Our body and mind gets affected with stress and strain due to various reasons. This causes many problems to the body and mind. Everyone is longing to have a relaxed life.  Modern era pushes you to face stiff competition which eventually causes more pain within you.  You need more energy to face the modern world.

 Yoga teaches you to conserve energy.  This makes you feel relax. Your blood pressure and heart beat will be normal.  In the stressful field the management is teaching Yoga for the employees so that they can achieve their goal.

Yoga Principle – 3

 Yoga Principle - 3Today we will see the next (third) principle of Yoga.


Our body needs nutrients such as fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins or proteins. Any substance which provides nutrition to the body is food. Usually we consume rice, wheat and maize. The food we eat must have balanced diet. Malnutrition is a big concern in the modern society. People are taking junk foods which hurt them more.

 If you want to maintain your body then you have avoid junk foods, over-eating, fasting too much.  You have to eat easily digestible foods which make the mind calm and your body supple and light. Further it gives a great resistance power to overwhelm diseases. You have to take more water between meals. During Yoga practice you have to take plenty of water. For the illness you have to take natural remedies except emergencies.

Yoga Principle – 2

Yoga Principle 2Today we will see the next (second) principle of Yoga.


 Sleep means absent or reduced consciousness. Sleeping hours differs from person to person. Children need more sleeping hour’s. Usually they sleep for 14 to 15 hours in a day. When a kid moves to school then the sleeping hours get reduced. During Adult age the normal sleeping hours will be 7 to 9 hours. If you sleep for many hours then it will make you weak and lazy.

 Insomnia means staying asleep. It might be caused for many reasons such as poor sleeping environment, psychological stress, excessive physical or mental stimulation before bedtime or an inconsistent sleeping schedule.

 Nowadays sleeping is a great problem for many people. If you fail to sleep at least six hours a day then it will affect your mind and body. Go to sleep at 9 or 10 P.M and wake up early morning (5 or 6 A.M). It is a good time to practice Yoga.

Yoga Principle – 1

Yoga Principle - 1

Practicing Yoga makes your mind and body fit and proper. There are ten principles of Yoga which makes you to achieve your goal. The first principle of Yoga is


          Discipline means a systematic instruction to train a person or a set of rules regulates your behaviour. Self discipline is essential for practicing Yoga. The five pillars of self discipline are hard work, willpower, acceptance, persistence and industry. Systematic and regular practice is essential to achieve your goal. If you failed to practice Yoga systematically and regularly then you cannot ripe the benefits of Yoga fully.

 Yoga makes you self-purified and stronger. Further you have to practice Yoga in accordance with instruction given by Yoga gurus.