Yoga exercise for shoulder

Yoga exercise for shoulderMaintaining health is a big concern for us.  In order to maintain your health you have to do exercise regularly.  You can maintain your shoulder by doing the exercise as stated below:

1.  Do this exercise slowly and keep your spine straight and your neck relaxed.

2.  Raise your right shoulder and then drop it down.

3.  Raise your left shoulder and then drop it down.

4.  Raise both shoulders at once and then drop them down again.

By doing this you can ease your shoulder tension. Further you can do stretching exercise for the shoulder.  For that the steps are given below.

1. Sit in any comfortably erect position. Hold the strap and straighten your arms forward. While inhaling move your arms up until they are overhead, and exhale as you bring them down behind you.

2. Coordinate this movement with your breathing, making the movement smooth. Make sure the strap is sufficiently long and your hands sufficiently far apart, so that you can keep your arms straight. If you cannot keep your arms straight, lengthen the strap.