Pose, Steps and Benefits of Marichyasana C

Benefits of Marichyasana

• Stimulates abdominal organs
• Stretches spine, hamstrings and shoulders
• Reduce weight.
• Improves Digestion.

Pose of Marichyasana
Marichyasana c pose

1. Sit the floor straight your both legs in front.
2. Bend the right leg.
3. Rotate upper body in the direction of your right knee. Enfold your left arm     around the right knee, the felon of left elbow position the knee.
4. Hold the hands. Stay back straight entire the pose.

Marichyasana Video


Before doing any asana you must know your health. When you feels pain while doing any asanas then you have to stop it immediately. A trained instructor can guide you in a better way.