Pose, steps and Benefits of Wall Plank

Benefits of Wall Plank

  • Strengthen legs, neck, shoulders and arms.
  • Strengthen back bones.
  • Reduce back pain.
  • Improve blood circulation.

Wall Plank Pose

downward dog at the wall


  1. First start with Tadasana after stand facing wall that time the distance between you and the wall is in your arm’s length. Bend frontward from your plant and shoulders at that time your fingers wide, palms are place on the wall, in your middle finger point the ceiling straightly.
  2. In to the wall compact your fingers and towards the floor you will lengthen the tailbone and depict your navel back. The pelvis is to boost your ribs. An active belly helps to work with a real lower back curve.
  3. You start to walk back, end at the waist and also place your hands in the wall and also walking down the wall. Gradually go to L – shape. Above the L-shape image is given. You will feel pain that time stop the asana and after the following days try to go L-shape.
  4. Into the body you raise lower ribs and the navel, during reach long into the floor the legs and the tailbone although reaching arms, head and the spine towards the wall.
  5. Do this asana for minimum 10 breaths to maximum 20 breaths.


Before doing any asana you must know your health. When you feels pain while doing any asanas then you have to stop it immediately. A trained instructor can guide you in a better way.