How to improve blood circulation in legs

How to improve blood circulation in legsA viscous fluid composed of plasma and cells is known as blood. In order to put the body in stable condition the blood circulation must be constant.  If the circulation gets affected in any portion there arises complication. From the blood circulation the cells takes nutrients and O2.  

Plasma, white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets are the composition of blood. In the whole blood plasma constitutes 52 and 62%. 91.5% of plasma constitutes water. Maintaining the blood movement constant is important.

Sometimes your blood circulation gets affected in your leg.  Due to that it might cause swelling also.  You can improve the blood circulation in your leg by doing Virasana. Further the other benefits of this asana are improve digestion, relieves leg tiredness, relieve gas problems, etc.  Do this asana regularly and maintain your health.