Yoga and Recovery from Substance Abuse

Yoga and Recovery from Substance AbuseIf you want to be healthy you have to be free from addiction like caffeine, Nicotine, Sleeping Aids, Sugar, etc.  If you get addicted then you will forget your strength which causes damages to you.  Doing Yoga practice makes your health in a fit and proper. Yoga teaches your power and strength. Further it teaches you the techniques to get relieved and you might feel better and strengthen again. Yoga develops the energy level within you and it is a natural stimulant. Your mind will be fresh. Hence you throw away the harmful substances which hurt you.  As a quick fix you add sugar. Doing Yoga regularly you will find the consumption of sugar is reduced because of the boost of energy within your body.


HIV & YOGAThere is no cure for HIV. People affected with this HIV get depression, anxiety, loneliness, fear and hopelessness. Yoga can reduce the stress, anxiety and fear. Further they get inner strength.   Meditation, exercise and breathing are the three parts of Yoga.  Yoga strengthens the muscle and nervous system. It stimulates the organs.  Hence you will feel better and the energy level increases.  Breathing exercise keeps your anxiety and stress down.  Meditation makes you to know your body better.  Do Yoga regularly and get relieved from the stress, anxiety, loneliness.

Yoga for eyes

  • Yoga for eyesFirst five seconds close your eyes and after open and close it again. Six times do this exercise.
  • You are working with computer screen that time you will get up from every half an hour and move a bit around. Take one glass water and provide it to your eyes with a break of two minutes.
  • Minimum one minute close the eyes and rotate the eyeballs.
  • Gently rub the eye palms around one minute. It is called palming.  In our eyes are need darkness to refresh. Doing every eye exercise that time we finish palming. Now relax the eyes.
  • Now you will imaging there is a big clock in your front side. You watch no twelve for ten seconds and after vertically watch number six. Minimum ten times do this exercise. After you will move horizontally move your eyes position in three to nine and finally watch diagonally (two to seven and ten to four).
  • Sambhavi mudra means your two eyes eye bolls are same time see the middle of the eyebrows, in few seconds hold and after move your eye bolls to your nose.
  • Gradually, through your view to the ceiling at that time you will inhale. And after exhale at that time your view goes to down in a vertical line towards the floor. Six times do this exercise.
  • Any exercise helps to your eyes fresh. So do walking and other kind of exercises.
  • Normally we blink our eyes. In our work busy that time we can not blink the eye’s will be suffer. So take effort to more blink.
  • In your workplace lights are dim its good for your eyes. Avoid bright lights. Bright lights increases eye strain.
  • Reduce your computer, laptop and television brightness. With out strain the eyes are adjust to dim light.
  • Strengthen the organ which adjusts the lens of the eye, by this exercise, and you may never need spectacles. Sit in a room by the window, and focus on a point in the distance. Hold your arm straight out in front of you, in the same direction as the point you are focusing on, with your thumb extended in a ‘thumbs-up’ position. Your thumb should be directly in the line of vision of the object you are focusing on in the distance. Now, keep shifting your focus from your thumb to the point in the distance. Do this around ten times, and at least once a day.

Yoga during Pregnancy

It is extremelyYoga during Pregnancy dangerous to do inverted poses during pregnancy.  If you have done the inverted poses then there is a possibility of causing air embolism.  But pregnant women can learn and practice simple breathing and meditation techniques daily which eventually results in easier delivery.  Further the health of the mother and baby will be good. Caution: Always a better trained instructor is good to achieve your goal.

Yoga and children

yoga and childrenThe glandular and nervous systems are growing for the children under 16 and Yoga exercises on these systems may hinder their natural growth.  Safe practice of children is to practice simple breathing and meditation exercises as long as the breath is never held.  This helps children to concentrate, relax, cope with stressful events and emotional upsets. When the children are trained under Yoga techniques are better capable of managing the emotional upsets. The asanas and breathing techniques provide strong compression and deep massage of the parts of the body. Glandular system largely controls the growth. Yoga asanas powerful mental and physical effects may hamper with the natural growth.

Which yoga helps to stimulate manipurachakra and nervous system?

Which yoga helps to stimulate manipurachakra and nervous systemDue to various reasons your nervous system and manipura chakra gets affected and it might cause several problems within you. Maintaining a good health is important. Because Health is Wealth. Paschimothanasana helps you to get relieved from these problems. It stimulates the nervous system and manipura chakra.  Further it calms your mind, the digestive organs get massaged, reduces weight and the concentration gets developed. Do this Yoga regularly and maintain your health.


About Yoga

about yogaYoga is a Sanskrit term which is a universally known generic term for the mental, physical and spiritual practice.  It originates in ancient India. In Hindu philosophy there are six astika and it is the one. In other context and tradition is has been defined as “union with the divine”. In the 19th century Yoga has been brought to West by Hindu monks. Across the Western world it became popular in 1980s as a system of physical exercise. Effectiveness of Yoga has been studied by many. In the United States long term Yoga practitioners reported it as a mental health and musculo-skeletal improvements.

Types and Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Types and Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Shrishti Krama Hatha Yoga

Benefits – improve concentration, flexibility and energy

Rakshana Krama Hatha Yoga

Benefit – Body and mind relaxation.

Adhyatamika Krama Hatha Yoga

Benefit – To strengthen their bond with the inside.

Siksana Krama Hatha Yoga

BenefitAims at perfection in all asanas and the further development from pranayama exercises develops major instruments of yoga.

Chikitsa Krama Hatha Yoga

Benefit – Removing the dysfunctions from the body.

Shakti Krama Hatha Yoga

Benefit – developing power within the saints and yoga practitioners.